Indian Trails, Indian Tales:

By Don Arthur Torgersen

copyright ©2004-2005, Tree of Tales Publishing Company

To keep alive the old moons of American Indian culture and to face the new ones, the author provides a glimpse of the history, geography, and culture of woodland and prairie Indians and the hunting-farming-warrior societies that once populated most of the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes region, including the Illinois, Miami, Kickapoo, Potawatomi, Ojibwa, Shawnee, Ottawa, and Meskwaki nations. Focus is on the common cultural values, the oral tradition, and the Algonquian language heritage that enriched a wide range of tales and fired the imagination of the old Indian storytellers.

This work is a tribute to the symbolic power of the eagle feather, which is a gift from the Master of Life, and also to the wonder of telling a tale. It is valuable not only for young students who need to be exposed to a diversity of cultures and for teachers who would like to narrate the old stories but also for the general reading public who wish to enjoy the rich imaginative stories told over and over again at campfires and in lodges and passed down from generation to generation by the first people to inhabit North America.